Accessibility Statement

Silk Designs Studio is committed to making our website accessible to all visitors, regardless of ability. We strive to ensure that all users have equal access to the information and services available on our website. We have implemented the following measures to ensure that our website is accessible:

  • Use of an accessibility plugin to improve accessibility for users with disabilities
  • Use of alt tags for all images to provide alternative text for screen readers
  • Use of headings and subheadings to create a logical structure for content
  • Ensuring that all functionality is accessible using the keyboard alone
  • Providing a skip navigation link to allow users to bypass repetitive content and navigate directly to the main content
  • Ensuring that all forms are fully accessible and compatible with screen readers
  • Using high-contrast colors and readable fonts to make content easier to read
  • Providing transcripts and/or captions for all multimedia content
  • Testing our website regularly to ensure continued compliance with accessibility standards

We are committed to continually improving the accessibility of our website, and we welcome feedback from our users. If you encounter any accessibility barriers while using our website, please contact us. so we can promptly address the issue.

Thank you for visiting our website, and we hope you find the information and services provided here helpful and informative.

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